Sami's Buckthorn Removal and Control was created while working on his own ten acre property in Brant County Ontario, which blossomed into a career, and a goal to take on non-native invasive species. On our ten acre greenbelt property, the persistent and nefarious are like a slow army marching into our forest, killing our native, plants, shrubs, trees and infecting the wildlife food source and was aggressively taking over our native forest. especially buckthorn and a few Honeysuckles, Multiflora Roses, Barberry, Oriental Bitter Sweet Vine, Dog Strangling Vine, European Boxwood, Autumn Olive, Himalayan Black Berry, and Mustard Garlic. Also including animals two kinds of birds on our property were also invasive, the European House Sparrow and European starling They are fierce competitors vigorous colonizers and are a threat to our song birds and Woodpeckers. I studied the House Sparrows and European Starlings on a ten acre property where I used to live, in Brant county on a greenbelt among its farmland, forests, wetlands and watersheds for over ten years.                               

Sami spent many adventures through the woods studying and mulling this problem and realized that while our monster is a beast to tackle, he was up to the task. Moreover, he realized that he wanted to be able to help others in this battle to bring back the native habitat and landscape, back to its original state, so that the native species can interact in there physical environment as a functional unit.

The defining moment, after spending multiple carefully planned seasons tackling the unfortunately healthy buckthorn problem in his own a ten acre property the Ontario green belt, it was the discovery of a small patch of red raspberry plants, that were surrounded by buckthorn at first, they were only around thirty canes . After the buckthorn was removed and the sun streamed through the newly-opened canopy, the raspberries took off in a hurry. The next spring, it became a raspberry patch, which burst into a thriving crop of red raspberry later that summer. Sami saw the plants dense patches, provide excellent shelter for smaller birds, some nest in, or nearby in raspberry plants all throughout the growing season for food and shelter.  Sami volunteered for "nature conservancy" where he was planting native trees, shrubs, plants, and removing invasive buckthorn. and I planted over 700 native trees and shrubs on our property mainly White Cedars, White Spruce, White Pines, Red Cedar, and Hemlocks near swampy areas, and Red Mulberry, Canadian wild plums. These changes were attracting many beneficial bees, which can help counter the decline in pollinators and Tulip Trees, Black Gum, Pagoda Dogwoods. After 2 years Sami noticed they had more insects, birds, and small mammals on our property; it was amazing to see a wide variety of wildlife, especially birds, including red headed" Woodpeckers, Eastern bluebirds, scarlet tanager. 

Since that day Sami has shifted his career focus to his passion: the care and discovery of the native Ontario landscape. Buckthorn crowds out the understory of the forest and prevents many species of good plants from growing. It's hard to fight, grows aggressively, hurts your hands to handle, and many people don't have the time or the manpower to successfully overcome the Buckthorn. That's truly why Sami's Buckthorn Control was created. If we don't take care of our woods today, then there will be no native landscape of Raspberries, Nannyberries, Red Mulberry, Chokecherries, Elderberries, Oak Trees, and Wildflowers for future generations to enjoy! 

A message from Sami
"I love our forests. I love the magnificence of the formations, tree colours the sounds, the feeling of being in the woods, the animals that inhabit them, even the tiny details of the mushrooms and mosses. We each have pieces of the big wonderful forest we all share, and it is our duty to protect it all from certain death by fighting against the Buckthorn and other invasive plants, and encouraging and planting desirable native plants, shrubs and trees for a healthy environment. These changes benefits all including the forests, the wildlife and offer the environment a natural ecosystem to improve soil and water conservation, without the "interruptions" from invasive" species". 

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